Lost Items are a Huge Problem

Loss of personal belongings is a constant challenge in residential care facilities. Essential items such as prescription glasses, dentures, hearing aids, prosthetic devices or even treasured blankets or other comfort items can easily go missing or be unintentionally misplaced. These items may be quite expensive and/or cause considerable discomfort and frustration when missing.

Nurses spend
days per year looking for lost items

Identifinder is the
Solution to Mitigate This

Goods totalling
Stolen from Patients Each Year

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“Installation was seamless and didn’t take up any of our time. Set-up was very professional and designed for best usage in our facility.”John Kopeck; CEO; St. Michael’s Health Group

“We look forward to what the future holds and truly believe that as we learn more about it [Identifinder], we will see more long-term benefits in the healthcare industry.”John Kopeck; CEO; St. Michael’s Health Group

Never Lose Another Item

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