About Us

Mission Statement

Identifinder’s mission is to offer a product and service of excellence, providing our users with an uncompromised quality of life, while reducing the stress of their care providers and loved ones through dedicated integrity, and honest service.

Meet Our Team

David Evans

David is a serial entrepreneur and Inventor, who has developed and brought to revenue over 25 different start-ups. His ideation of a software-only store became three retail locations, corporate sales, AutoCAD reseller and training, educational division and computer repairs, with annual sales of $20 million and 40 employees. Evans’ holds provisional patents on four medical devices, including the IdentifinderTM. He has employed over 500 people, established a franchised specialized bookstore chain with 15 retail locations, and navigated the regulatory process with one electrical device (wireless smoke detector with RF capabilities for several locations). His national bookstore chain had a central office that monitored each store’s daily sales, inventory, mail order sales, and banking. In retirement, Evans’ started a small Garden Centre which was to become one of western Canada’s largest special event and prop companies with annual revenues exceeding $2 million. Evans’ is deeply passionate about helping others, especially the disadvantaged, through his work. He is grateful to be working alongside the SMGH team, as they share in his vision and values to help those with disadvantages.

Lyndon Lobo

Lyndon has been working in technology business since 1989. He co-founded and is a partner in Arrow Technology Group (ATG). ATG delivers information technology solutions to First Nation communities across western Canada. ATG is the largest aboriginal owned technology company in Canada. Prior to ATG, Lobo spent ten years as the Vice President of an AutoCAD reseller, with locations in Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver.