The IdentifinderTM Solution

We know lost items are a huge problem. Now we want to reunite you with these items. But, how?

Our team of industry professionals have designed a wireless technology that will adhere to a variety of items that can easily go missing and undetected.

We’ve established a large need for this technology, primarily in small and large care facilities where our most vulnerable, physically and/or mentally, reside. This includes but is not limited to, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, hospitals (short and long-term stay patients).

“Not hearing complaints about lost items is a true testament to the product working for us.” – John Kopeck; CEO and President of St. Michael’s Health Group

How It Works:

  • An identification marker is programed with your name and information
  • Adhere our groundbreaking wireless technology to your personal item (glasses, dentures, hearing aids, medical equipment, cell phone, etc.)
  • A wireless alerting system is installed at crucial points within the facility where your item(s) are most likely to be lost. These crucial points include entry and exit points, laundry rooms, kitchens, and garbage disposal routes
  • When your item goes missing, whether it be glasses accidently rolled up in sheets, dentures hiding in a napkin and accidently tossed into the garbage at dinner, or misplaced hearing aids (to name a few), and ultimately passes through our alerting areas, an alarm will sound, and notifications will be sent via email, and text
  • Your item can then be located and scanned with a handheld device
  • When scanned, your personal information will allow us to reunite you with your item

We have started trials in long-term care facilities for aging residents whose quality of life may already be diminishing through onset of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Our vision is to see our technology used in any facility where it can be of service, including Colleges and Universities, horticultural facilities where numerous and varying plant varieties can be kept organized through the identification and tracking system, and hospitals nation and world -wide.

Our team at IdentifinderTM believes that by drastically reducing or eliminating loss, nursing homes and hospitals have the opportunity to save thousands of dollars spent on replacement costs each year. IdentifinderTM also reduces the countless hours of staff time spent searching for lost items, resolving disputes with resident families, and administering special care to residents.

Most importantly, IdentifinderTM helps improve standard of care, resident health, patient health, and quality of life.

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