Identifinder Partnership with St. Michael’s Health Group

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St. Michael’s Health Group began a trial with our product, the IdentifinderTM, six-months ago in Edmonton, Alberta. After a successful six-month trial period, excitement over the results and projected future of the product, St. Michael’s Health Group and IdentifinerTM decided to merge their aligning visions and values to work together in bringing this life-changing product into care-facilities nation and worldwide.

“We have benefited in a couple ways. Cost savings. To not lose those items means not replacing them, which is cost savings,” said St. Michael’s Health Group CEO and President John Kopeck. “When finding resident items, not dealing with family concerns or having to replace items is another benefit.”

St. Michael’s Health Group is a healthcare organization which provides supportive house, long-term care, programs and services to seniors within their communities. SMHG is a Christian voluntary organization with an entrepreneurial spirit, incorporated through St. Michael’s Extended Care Centre Society, dedicated to the provision of holistic care and community services to all with dignity and love.

Beginning in July 1983, St. Michael’s Long-Term Care Centre was established as a continuing care facility, bringing exemplary health services to physically and/or mentally challenged individuals, primarily seniors.

During the advancements of the expanding healthcare system, along with the growing and changing needs of the aging population, SMHG expanded and diversified as well. St. Michael’s Health Group now offers varying programs on site and off, mapped around the province, in addition to operating several business ventures which aid in conserving the on-going operations at SMHG.

A number of partnerships have been established between SMHG and other volunteer organizations, community advisory committees, educational institutions, developers, unions, suppliers, and businesses. St. Michael’s Health Group is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, and Executive Team, including CEO and President John Kopeck, Director of Resident Care Health Services Rita Wright, and Director of Operations Paul Teterenko, all of whom IdentifinderTM will be closely working with.

Paul Teterenko, Rita Wright, and John Kopeck of St. Michael’s Health Group

In addition to those listed above, the provision of care is brought together through a multidisciplinary team approach, involving a team of Physicians, Nurses, Occupational/Physical/Recreational Therapists, Dietician, Social Workers, Pastoral Care Coordinator, and more.

The team at IdentifinderTM was so greatly moved by St. Michael’s Health Group’s mission to provide care with love and dignity, along with their vision of dedicated wellness-focused holistic care and community services to all with continued love and dignity.

“It is very easy, and not something we have to spend any time on. It’s a free capability; the machine is doing the work for us.” – John Kopeck; CEO and President; SMHG

We felt that a partnership with St. Michael’s Health Group ran fluidly with our values of excellence, integrity, community and honesty, along with our overall goal of providing a product and service of excellence to the disadvantaged that would aid in maintaining and improving quality of life.

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